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High5 Protein Bar | £1.69

High5 Protein Bar
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**Price is for one Bar!**

- 13g of protein for muscle growth & maintenance
- 24g of carbohydrate
- Light texture
- Thin chocolate coat for great taste
- Throw-in-your-bag convenience
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Free from preservatives or sweeteners

ProteinBar is a throw-in-your-bag source of protein (13g) and carbohydrate (24g). After exercise, your muscles are often low in glycogen (carbohydrate) and you may want to reach for a product that contains high quality carbs for a post-race fix that tastes great. Consuming carbohydrates contributes to recovery of normal muscle function after strenuous exercise. Protein contributes to muscle growth and muscle maintenance. ProteinBar has a light texture and great taste, which makes it easy to use after a tough session.