Allow us to make the Introductions Please

Allow us to make the Introductions Please

We are delighted to announce the second phase of our racing structure is about to launch - we've assembled a team with the primary focus of winning.

In 2023, League of Swindon Cycles was formed with a simple and meaningful goal - to help enthusiastic riders to get racing with minimal commitment levels. Our plan was to create a team of people bonded over the same simple goals of participation and understanding the racing scene. Phase one was a massive success; supporting 7 riders in predominantly their first season in the competition side of the sport we earned several BC points with riders placing Top 10's, TT wins but ultimately the group were all able to get trackside and complete races - as we move forward this will be known as 'League Development' and will continue it's aim of supporting local riders get into racing and breaking down barriers to participation.

From this success we wanted to offer support to riders racing at a higher level and those with ambitious racing targets that aligned with our own. We have a wealth of racing pedigree in our heritage, with 3 National Championship wins - a World Junior champion - European cup title and multiple Team GB representatives. We believe in the products we sell and we believe assigning them to a League of racers with the talent will enable huge success. For the first couple of seasons we aim to establish the team and personnel whilst competing regionally at Road, TT & Criterium races - with high ambitions we want to take the team on a journey and reach the highest levels, although chasing dreams - we are sensible and calculated in our approach to target setting and look forward to what we can achieve.

I am really proud of the what we are building, starting small but with big aspirations - supporting local riders and giving opportunities to people excites us and we just want to get racing.

Stephen, Team Co-Owner

Over the next few months the whole outfit will be presented before the 2024 racing starts in and around Feb 2024. Our plan is to share with you all sponsor partnerships every Wednesday from the 8th Nov-11th Jan, Rider Announcements every Saturday from 4th Nov-2nd Dec. Kit, Bike and Gear teasers all building up to our launch party planned for February here at the store where we will be inviting people to our VIP evening before the hyping stops and the pedalling starts.

We will bring supporters close to the riders, races and general team dynamic with our own playlist space on the SCTV YouTube channel. Blogs will be posted here on our 'Racing Stories' page and we have an official 'Leagueofsc_racing' Instagram account for all the content you could ever want, so head over give us a follow

Join Us - Join the League.

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