BMC Demo Experience Recap

BMC Demo Experience Recap

Missed our BMC Teammachine Demo Experience ? No matter we'll recap for you!

Here at Swindon Cycles, we try as best as possible to bring you the best products - not just the nice shiny ones, but products we truly believe in. BMC is certainly one of those brands, ever since the initial product line conversation with the suppliers we have believed that the products would really be well received and had a lot of potential to really make a settlement here in the South West. 

We also believe in our customers and we know the best way to get across our sales pitches are generally to get you all to ride and try them - so thats exactly what we organised! From the 5th - 15th August 2023 we had 4 of the Teammachine SLR & SLR_01 models and offered them up for local riders to take out on their favourite local routes with friends and clubs! 

Over the 10 day window we had over 20 demo bookings across the 4 bike sizes. With all really positive feedback... 

"Super fast, effortless climbing and corners like a dream" and "so smooth, glides across some of the worst roads... really impressed!" 

"I'm really impressed; the whole idea of the demo experiences are to enable more people to try and test out products we really believe in! I have a personal affiliation to the model as it's what I've been ridding since summer 2022, I've been telling people just how good the bike is but when your primary role is to sell product and bikes more importantly your opinion could be questioned - but by offering these experiences and more importantly offering demos on customers favoured local routes where they already feel comfortable enables really great testing! 

All of the feedback was so positive and a lot of the demo's made appearances on some of the local club rides so hopefully they've made a real positive impact in the local cycling community." General Manager, Stephen, who rides and races his custom SLR_01 FOUR. 

We'll be booking up further demo experiences across the range, eyeing up a Roadmachine demo experience before the end of the summer - so keep a look out!

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