Lights + Camera - Would you use one?

Lights + Camera - Would you use one?

The Fly6 rear facing bike camera and 100 lumen light is engineered for peace of mind on the road and a run time that lasts as long as you do. 

Road and Off-Road collisions are becoming a more published article these days, even in cars - drivers are using dash cams to stay safe our on the roads too!

Of course bikes only have so much space before the handlebars/rest of the bike can get clogged up with other accessories. In a time where cyclists are trying to minimalist there handlebar space; clearing cables & less accessories is better!

These new products combine lights & HD video footage recording in one unit. The features are listed below but will aid in giving the cyclist the peace of mind that if needed you have a recording of what happened to resort back to.


Front FLY12 CE £255.00

Rear FLY6 CE £169.00


  • 600 (FRONT) / 100 Lumens (REAR)
  • 4-5 hours with lights & camera 
  • 7 hours of continuous recording time in camera-only mode
  • HomeSafe modes kicks in when battery runs low giving you 30 mins light time
  • Water resistant with a nanotech coating to keep out the dust, dirt and destruction
  • Control your bike camera and light with ANT+, overlay Strava metrics and edit or share your footage on the go.
  • Alarm mode

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