Meet Orbea's Newest - ONNA

Meet Orbea's Newest - ONNA

Onna is designed from the ground up as a fun and efficient bike to uncover your

passion for MTB or begin exploring XC.

● With geometry that offers fun and control, this new model was created by
selecting the best aluminum material and using the best frame manufacturing
● In addition to the lifetime frame warranty, the bike features quality components
like hydraulic disc brakes throughout the range, internal cable routing and
carefully selected forks.
In Euskera, the word “Ona” means “good.” In Orbea’s case, “Onna” has more than one meaning, as it’s also the name of one of the first revolvers that the brand manufactured around 1840. Today, the Onna makes its debut as a bike, a new model to spark the curiosity of MTB with loads of fun, control and efficiency.
Designed from a blank slate to meet the needs of those looking for their first real MTB, the new model brings with it all the trends and technical details of modern XC bikes, along with peace of mind from Orbea’s lifetime warranty.

Fun merges with control, comfort and efficiency

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