Super fast race - Jim came 6th!

Super fast race - Jim came 6th!

"It was gloves off and old school style sprinting the last 4 km in the South Cerney CRL."

Super fast race - Came 6th!

3 broke away in the last few laps, they were too strong and held off the main field. There was a big crash at 50 mile marker, which happened behind me.

With 4km to the finish it was a hot sprint, with 25 riders still in the race of the original 70 - I got stuck at the back as it all kicked off - looking for "that small opening" - and with a little pushing around to make the room needed I made it to the front line. It was relentless, just power - power - power until I could see I was up with the front 6! I had to keep the speed up to ensure the line of the main group didn't pass me at the fast corner.

1km to go, all or nothing, 36mph into the bend which allowed me to gain about 20 yards and was now in the front 6. I made it to the front just as they put full gas on, which helped me a lot and stopped those chasing behind coming round me. 

Big kick into the last 300, just managing to match the speed of the younger lads - I passed 3 to come home 3rd in gallop and 6th overall!

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