TechLab Servicing Stories - Giant Goes for Gold

TechLab Servicing Stories - Giant Goes for Gold

TechLab aims to offer top servicing options across different areas of a customers bike - we're bike fixers and problem solvers NOT just parts fitters! 

Today we bring you a stunning, vibrant Giant TCR Advanced 0 - from 2018. The customer had left us a few comments and key areas to target; Gearing and the tubeless sealant being among the main ones.. As you can see below; the frame set is kept in top condition along with most of the components but as part of the full strip down and rebuild, after assessing the wear, we also put all the drive through our wash bath. Degreasing and cleaning before rebuilding the bike... 

The drive was established at 0.25 and as you can see by the image attached it's a happy, smiley face indicating there's plenty of life within the Drive meaning the drive doesn't need to be changed. 

The customer mentioned the he had got away without changing the sealant in 3 years, upon us pulling out the sealant to check it we identified that it had the usual characteristics of a solution deteriorating; off colour and that the areas of the liquid are clumping together. So we cleaned off the rims, tyres and refilled with new sealant. 

Bearings in both wheels, were smooth along with the bottom bracket so the only addition fitted was a matching Giant Proway Bottle Cage. The bike is finished off with a good scrub and paint buffer from our new brand "JuiceLube".

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