TSC Ambassadors hit Windhill & B1ke's first race of the season

TSC Ambassadors hit Windhill & B1ke's first race of the season

Sunday the 13th March 2 of the TSC riders headed over to B1KE's Windhill bike park in near Longleat - Warminster. Joey & Sean decided to head to their first ever race and check out what the scene is all about... 

"Going into the race I was expecting everyone to be super serious but when race day did come along everyone was having fun and it was a chill atmosphere. I was expecting and nervous but when I was on the start line everything went away. I just focus on getting down the hill without fall off, which I did until the second run where I ran out of skill and washed out.

If I knew racing was such good fun I would have started year ago! It was mega and I had a really good time. So yes I would race again and I can’t wait till the next race!" - Joey

Name R1 R2 Best Time 


1:18.156 1:22.719



"Getting my ticket two days before kinda ment I didn’t have that long to worry about it or the day ,
as it was my first and not knowing what to expect from the experience of being in between the tapes , it felt a little daunting, my only experience watching was from the other side .

Just when i thought bikes could not get any more enjoyable and better- I was totally proven wrong from start to finish.
My main game was to just get to the bottom and just work from that . I did just that on my first run and managed to get quicker down the track through out the day with a couple of lie downs to as the track was a little messy witch made the day really interesting. Really fun

Great friends great company and such a chilled day of something that seemed to be abit scary not knowing what to expect. Great vibes all day !
definitely something I’d like to do more of .
What a day , big thanks to Swindon cycles for the support

The best day at the races 🙌🏼" - Sean

 Name  R1 R2 Best Time
Sean 1:41.371 1:29.195 1:29.195


Joey finished 8th out of 32 riders in the 19-29 Male Cat and Sean finished 8th as well in the Male 30-39 Cat, both riders managed a top 10 finish on their first race and are looking forward to the next regional race!

We were also lucky enough to see store member Martin Daniells (@4d.riders) make a guest appearance in the SC jersey, coming off the back of several back injuries and slowly reintroducing the racing side of riding Martin is aiming to build over this season and potentially be ready to enter some nationals... Check out his Insta profile by following the link above!

Well done lads - Looking forward to seeing you back in-between the tape representing the Jersey! 

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